real men care – retail concept store

there are a lot of cosmetic stores for women, but there are none for men. real men care is a mono brand concept store for l'oréal. it consists of a shopping and a café area. therefore, it offers the opportunity of a holistic brand experience. rmc is the result of an interdisciplinary design process with a focus on the customer's journey and the general user shopping experience, online and offline.

customers can try out different products in the store through augmented reality mirrors. all products can be found in the back of the store where they can be scanned and ordered via smartphone – the products are then brought to the scanning station via tube mail. products can either be purchased in the store or shipped home.

hfg schwaebisch gmuend
retail design project

project partners:
josephine rais
julian ebert
lara koch
melanie raith

#retail design
#customer journey
#costumer analysis
#user experience

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